Neulasta and Claritin???

A few things ….

This week my blog helped me!! I feel happy and uplifted that it is doing its job!! I will continue doing mine.

I had been suffering with chronic back pain for about 3 months since I started chemo. So we established that it was an allergic reaction to my Immunotherapy Boost injection. Well, I had a “new friend” who had read my blabbering and contacted me from Seattle. Apparently, a bit more well known in the USA, Claritin is given to relieve the bone pain caused by this drug and can I just say, it has been a miracle!! No back pain!! It has given me some days back this week and hope for the next 4 months knowing I will be more mobile and just lying in in agony for days on end! I have shared wherever I can and will continue to do so if it helps one other person not suffer the way I was. I know my oncologist has about 60 patients just with a similar cancer to me so I know that this finding will help at least half if not all of them to start with but I am confident, it will reach hundreds more.

I have mostly been ok….. much better than the last few weeks and side effects much more manageable. Appetite has been a bit hairy and sleep a bit scary! Fatigue did set in on Friday and I have been sleeping for about 11 hrs a day which is fine….. all cosied up and healing …. its not a bad thing!!

Today, a bit more of a wash out as dealing with fatigue and a fair bit of nerve pain from my jaw down to my lower back. Skin is very tender to touch and bit painful to move around at a normal pace so I have just taken it easy and stayed still as much as I can!!! Rather be sedentary than in pain!!

So back in tomorrow for bloods and then chemo. How exciting is my life!!! It has come quick but looking forward to my 2 week break!! Not made too many plans as I’d like to see how the cumulative effect hits me this week before I get too excited.

I have seen and spoken to a lot of folk this week, online and in real life!!!

Received these gorgeous roses from my lovely friend Sarah!!!

This plant is just so unique and keeps flowering which is keeping me really fascinated and I had my pear tree pruned!!! Getting a gardener in to do all those March jobs that I just can’t do right now!

My point being…..I am just feeling very close to nature, grounded, calm and peaceful. Staying focussed on all the simple things that keep me happy every day!

It has been a semi normal week hearing about what is going on in the real world that exists around me and I have been grateful for a lot of things. I am wishing the next 4 months to go by quickly so I can reach……. well who knows….. lets just keep looking forward and see what comes along the way !!!

4 thoughts on “Neulasta and Claritin???

  1. That is amazing Claritin has solved your back pain and could help thousands of other people. You must be feeling chuffed for yourself and others. Good luck with your chemo this week and sending you lots of love šŸ’•

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  2. Hi Sal, a friend told me recently about your blog so I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you, sending lots of healing energy and warm wishes through your healing process. x

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