Friends and The Journey of Life

In any situation, in life, through loss, through grief, with cancer, birthdays, a new job, an achievement……. you don’t need a million friends…. you just need a few real ones!

I have a brilliant support network! Well I should do. The journey of life has brought me some real gems!

Some of my best carefree years were secondary school ! They were probably the ones I talk about the most with constant belly laughs….. the ones where you almost stop breathing!! So I have life long friends that I made at school. I gathered a few close friends from Uni, one of which I married!! You spend years with people, some you will connect with, some you won’t.

Then, I became a mum, so I have mummy friends and school mummies!! You share the most craziest stories of pregnancy and giving birth and although we couldn’t laugh about it then, we certainly do now!!!

“Oh, when I gave birth I had a tear” “OMG so did I, how big was yours?” Then comes the humour of it all!

With your real mummy friends you will share your kid stories, the good and the bad.

“My kid is such a brat”, “No mine is, today he bit someone and I was called to school to sign an incident form!” and so it continues!!!

Work collegues, who start off all professional, then that first night out or Christmas do and all barriers and walls are forever broken!! “I thought you were really boring in the office but you are so cool”. “No, you are so cool, lets have a drink!” and there you have your lifelong work mates!!!

Then stupid cancer!! These friends, instant connection, strong bonds! You can literally have a conversation about anything!! Something so rubbish can connect you so stongly with some amazing people !! Six mighty women here are dealing with cancer, facing some real crap every single day…. but we do it together with strength and humour. I just want to pick these lot up and place them in some magic candy floss and take all our troubles away!!

I think friends and family come in bands! The first band are your immediates!! The ones you can and will trust your kids with. Whether stuck in hospital for 8 hours or want to go away for the weekend! Your ‘immediates’ will cover it, no questions asked and genuinely want nothing in return! I have a handful of reliables in here!!

Your real friends come next. They may not necessarily look after the kids but will do stuff to make you feel supported. Whether it is going for a meal, coming around for a coffee, a phonecall, constantly catching up with you online, or sending you stuff in the post. Just genuine care and support. Most of my treasures fit in here!

You can’t have a million friends. You can but you can’t genuinely keep up with everyone so your extra support network comes here. Those that meet outside school for a few minutes, but you can see they really do care. Those that read my blog and send a message of support even though they barely know you or have never even met you, they will reach out.

Then you have your FAKERS !!!!! Everyone has a few fakers that you mostly try to get rid of bit they keep bouncing back!! Those that contact you once a year!! Or read something you have written and want to know all the details. Those that keep texting with “I really want to come and see you”, this can go on for months or even years! Too busy in life to make time but must text you to tell you that sorry I am sooooo busy!! Even that is ok, as these are the ones that often provide a bit of entertainment !!! They just haven’t caught up with real life yet or learn’t how to deal with real challenging situations!! Go away….. stop latching on…go do your important job of keeping the pubs and bars alive !!!!

And that folks is my 6am Saturday head !!

Love to all my beautiful friends out there, you are the ones that get me through xxx

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