CT Anxiety…..

You put the needle in, you take the needle out, in out, in out, wiggle it all about. You do the hokey cokey and try the other arm, thats what its all about!!

Oooohhhhh these veins are crappy

Ooohhhhhh theres no getting in here

Oooooohhh lets try the hand now….

We need to use the port port port !!!

So yeah…. had my CT scan on Monday!! Remember Andy who fitted port Grimsby back at Spire Hospital. We had to call and confirm that my port was CT compatible after being jabbed a few times in the arms but got nowhere, so was all getting a bit hairy! This scan was in Maidenhead. Im playing hospital Bingo!!!

After me worrying if we would get hold of anyone that quick and how long I’d just have to lie in the scanner with holes in both arms n hand, Andy just appeared in the room like a genie!!!! Was all a bit amusing and coincidence etc!!!

Jokes aside, it is a bit of a scary thought, this has happened a few times now…. my veins have hardened with all the chemo so they just cant be accessed now. I think…. I might have to keep grimsby for life.


So anyway, for anyone that has never had a CT scan before…… this is little me in the gigantic scanner! I’m in blankets cos it just got a bit cold and the nurses were keeping me comfortable after the tricky start!!

A contrast dye is injected half way through the scan, for me via the port. Cos I like to share… within 30 seconds of the dye being injected… you actually feel like you’ve wet yourself !! Truly. The first time I had a CT scan I was scared to get up. The reason I’m sharing….no-one told me the first time and you can imagine the horror amongst everything else!! This dye, how fast it gets through the entire body to cause this reaction….. makes the mind boggle.

With my mind all boggled, coupled with the fact that I was nil by mouth since the last 4 hours and was now starving… we headed over to grab a bite to eat. Anyone who knows me and my excellent relationship with food!!! I dont do fasting and diets…. just makes me turn into cookie monster!!

So we rang ahead, ordered food, ran over, inhaled food, got takeaway for dinner and just made it in time to collect the kiddies with just 7 minutes to spare!!!

There was no time for nice pics and posing!!!! Was sooooooo yummy!

Have you all got hokey cokey tune going on in your head now ?!!!!

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