A Reason For Everything…

Yep I know sometimes it is hard to find that reason but I have loads of examples of this!! You’d be amazed….

So the other week, we took little Amar to see a private consultant for a really persistant cough. GP have been telling me for 4 yrs he has asthma…. I am his mum, I knew he didn’t have asthma. So after 4 yrs of back and forth and fighting off inhalers, turns out he just has allergies…..

Anyway…. that wasn’t the point.

Could only get a 5.30pm appointment, peak traffic time. I wasn’t going to go but changed my mind at the last second! We were running late, rang hosp, informed them. Gurv dropped me outside, me and Amar ran in. As I walked in, before I reached the reception desk, across the way and its a big reception, at that exact time, on that exact day, I saw my breast surgeon who I haven’t seen in a few years, cos busy with other stuff now!!!! Anyway couldn’t for the life of me remember her name, my head is really dopey right now. How did we get a referral for this hospital? A split second later, I would have missed her, I wasn’t going to go, if we were on time, if we’d parked instead of jumping out at the door…… I would’t have seen her.

I was like a magnet on a massive spring ran over to her and she just grabbed my hand and said “How are you?”. I said, “Well, I am ok, but you know I am having chemo now for another new cancer?”

She replied and said she heard as my case came to her when some junior doctor made a big blunder of the situation and wrote to me incorrectly stating my breast cancer had spread. Facebook friends got that story fresh off the press!!

Anyway my surgeon is a lovely lady, so compassionate, caring, really, professional. At initial BC diagnosis, she told me, that whatever it was she will fix it and not to come to her crying but if I need a cup of tea she will make it for me! Very much like me…. we will deal with this head on…. no drama.

She didnt let go of my hand once….. her eyes lowered, she stopped and just looked at me and said in a soft tone and I can’t remember exactly but something like “What the bloody shitting bollocks is this?” !!!!!!!!

I was so shocked at her words and wanted to laugh so so frikkin loud …… I just went… yeah I know right!!! I really love real people who just say it like it is!!!

Anyway, I’m meeting with her soon, she was like, I need to look after your boobs, we need to keep looking after your boobs so come along and we will put it all together and get the full picture!! We had a massive hug, few more words, a big hug again. I felt more protected, I wouldn’t have made that appointment…. too much going on.

So it all happened for a reason, after my big meltdown hormone bash in the face some weeks ago!! Maybe she can suggest something at some point to sort that drama out and keep an eye on my boobs at the same time (.)(.) !!!

You know what I am gonna say now……CHECK EM….. (.)(.) !!!

I’ve got scan coming next so I’ll either go underground or I may ramble a lot more….. bit extra stress on my head…… so just bare with me !!!

Bloody shitting bollocks all this !!!!!!!!

So come on folks, join in, get me through the next 2 weeks. You’ve got 3 words to describe the situation…. do you best, add it in the comments! Don’t be shy, better than crying over it !!

13 thoughts on “A Reason For Everything…

  1. Lol……. 3 words for the situation…. bloody, shitty, bollocks does it for me! 3 words for you… always smiling Sal…… that means ‘you’ve got this!’ (And I’d say that’s another 3 words). Xxxx

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