The Blog – 2018

My blog off !!

The world is invited!!

I started my blog for a bit of a release, it helped me just to put it out there. I thought with a second cancer diagnosis, I was now brave enough to share my experiences and help others in the process.

After sharing with just 3 friends to start with, in just 7 days my humble blog had over 1000 views across 33 countries which I wasn’t really expecting. I seem to have new friends all over the globe. Thank you to all my supporters and everyone who has joined and shared my journey so far. Truly grateful from the bottom of my palpatatious heart!

It seemed that my message was being heard and the world was suddenly connected. This is a beautiful thing in itself. Someone is always listening. If you look for support, you will always find it. My little map on my blog was lighting up all over the place which made me smile. I’d make a big statement every day when the kids came home from school…. like WE HAVE RUSSIA !! A bit like the Eurovision song contest but Mongolia nil points…..

I have had over 1600 hundred visitors from 41 countries all over the globe!! This was amazing as I had only been blogging for just over 2 months and sharing my story.

So can you imagine how I just fell onto the floor on 1st Jan 2019 when I was explaining to my very enthusiastic and inspired niece in Cali about how my blog was doing and realised all my countries had disappeared and my map was all lilly white again!! I lost Russia WTH…..wordpress! I worked hard for that and so did my bruises !!! I had a port fitted!!! So I have to start again now!!!

I will never reach all the countries I want to visit. I will never see the entire globe. Who will….BUT, my blog might!

It has now turned into a little mission for me to keep me going and paint my little world and spread my positivity and strength to anyone facing a really tough challenge in life.

So a little amusement for me and anyone else interested…..when you go out with mates over the weekend, I expect it may come out in conversation!!! “Have you heard about the blog off?”

I am moved with all the messages I have received so far and how many people I have touched with my story. Would you help my humble blog on its merry way? I have a few secret lurkers, you can just be part of the cool gang and feel free to add your email to follow my journey and share with others who may be facing a challenge in their lives. Cancer is nothing to be scared off and you don’t have to stop living and for me spreading that message is key. I was highly pissed off one day and made a comment about how I had cancer twice and some dear soul piped up and told me they were on their fourth. Its never the end, there is always hope.

So my map, currently recruiting followers in Greenland, Bolivia and Mongolia !!!

This is where we were at the end of 2018. I find it fascinating so thought I’d share. I think I have even inspired 3 other people to also start blogging/sharing.

I think a few of these folks may invite me around to stay for a few days so I can dip my toes in their sand !!! St Lucia, Bahamas, Mauritius, Grenada and others to start with…….. anywhere hot…… dont ask, dont get !!!

Has anyone found Richard Brandston yet?! I’m really not after a freebie, just want some airlines to realise how difficult it is to book tickets for their families when put in really critical situations and unable to plan ahead. Really stuck between a rock and a hard place!!

Anyway, I hope this blog reaches the right people as well as keeping friends and family in the loop. A message of strength and courage, my story told in my own quirky way!!

When folk meet me and say, I am enjoying your blog, it makes me smile! It just lifts me to the stars and back!! Amongst the utter chaos, I can still be funny!! I’m still just me x

2 thoughts on “The Blog – 2018

  1. LOVE this blog today Sal! And totally amazing you have reached so many countries. Your doing amazing at spreading your message and sharing your story and your love. So proud of you and I always look forward to reading your blogs. Lots of love xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh thank you Neeta for saying and enjoying my blogs!! Have to start again on my map now but you know what that means….. need to get on some more flights!!!


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