Is Life Giving Me Lemons ?

Our flight back from the US was good in the end. After umming and ahhing for a while, we thought it was worth upgrading me to business class so I could have a sleep. It did cost, but this chick put that bed out, got 2 duvets and slept for 7 hours so I think money well spent. You can’t take it with you now, can you?! Felt much better getting off that flight, and was able to function that day without yawning like a hippo and without my head rolling off my shoulders all day!!

The fam all joined me for the last part of the journey so I could get off the flight faster to get bloods done!

I ate considerably well too!! I know anyone else would have drank the bar dry but I was happy just to eat and sleep!

So, bloods done and as expected, some markers are completely out of whack. In my head I was like I KNEW IT!!! I do know my body quite well. Since I have already had a break, it was decided that I take a course of antibiotics to give me a boost and continue with my treatment on Friday. My red cells are very low again but it’s ok, I don’t need a blood transfusion YET!! Also everything has been delayed slightly over xmas so I wait another week for other results and follow up.

Each time I have chemo, I am really enthusiastic and like YES, LETS KICK ASS, LETS DO THIS, I’VE GOT THIS!! I really do try and then 12 hrs later, I’m like soggy wilting lettuce in my bed!!!

So now it’s Friday, the sun is shining and its fish n chip day in hospital!! I’m here, all ready to go but where is Gurveer?? All the nurses are asking after him. Well, he did drop me off but I sent him to firstly drop little Amar with a friend for the day and then I actually sent him home to do the dishes!! I didn’t manage to do dishes last night after cooking so I told the nurses this and we all had a good chuckle over it !!

Then lunch came and I learnt that head chef in the hospital, Paula thinks patients on chemotherapy should eat well so she gave the menu a little tweak. Paula didn’t need to do this, but some people really care about what they do and the impact it has on the people affected. We love Paula, thank you !! There should be more people like you in the world. I think this outdid my BA business class meal!! It was delightful!!

This is my cocktail for the day….. there were 2 more bags but I couldn’t fit them in my nice grid collage!! The pic in the centre is one of my chemos and is a bit sun sensitive so needs protection!!

So is life giving me lemons ……or was I just a bit jetlagged when I did my online shop and bought 25 lemons by mistake !!

Its Friday, about an hour or so to go and I will be done for the week. I’ve been staring at this picture all day!! The lemons gave me inspiration for my blog so here it is!! Enjoy

Have a good weekend folks !!

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