Part 2 – Going Viral in San Jose

No no not my blog……. just little me !!

The second half of our hols moved us up North to San Jose where my sis lives with her family. Just 6 days before we return so had it all planned out! Didnt really want to go with the flow as time was limited. Firstly, we got all the formalities over like showing ports and stuff!!! I’ve realised, many folk can’t see or touch it! I’m going to have some fun with Grimsby over the next few months!! Well,what’s your party trick??

I told my sister, Ang, I wanted some pampering time, relaxation and needed to be close to nature! So we started with a big, proper mud spa!! All 10 of us checked into a lovely cottage. We are only here for 6 days so didnt want to part from the kids so off we all trotted!

I’ve never done anything like this before! We sat around in jacuzzis for the whole time after the whole mud thing!

Anyway, that night the temperature dropped. Like really dropped and I started do feel it in my bones. Since I’m a little immuno-compromised, if I get sick…. I REALLY GET SICK. I fear I have a viral infection. Get it… going viral in San Jose!! Bloody marvellous!! Anyway sent Gurveer out the next morning to find a pharmacy to get strong painkillers. My entire body was in pain!

We had planned to go to a winery on the way back so of course I was going go!! We got there and I got really excited when I saw this!!

I’m not even drinking, so I just felt the bottles…. they felt nice!! I was going downhill fast, ended up abandoning the whole thing and racing to the car to put my head down….it was too cold…. or was it !!!

Anyway, pretty much that was that…a trip to San Francisco and a picnic on the lake were abandoned. Spent the rest of that day and the next in bed, painkillers round the clock but I was tucked up with my sis and we watched episodes and episodes of friends and had crisps and apple juice. Ang had wine!! A little party went on!!

My sister is always glowing while I just sit there looking like a troll!!

Anyway day 3. It was NYE and I was fed up of this nonsence and our flight back is on 1st. So when in America, what do you do……..

I’ve literally got nowhere to go this year, I will be yoyo-ing to and from the hossy!! I may feel like crappy crap but I sure as hell am not going to look like it !!!! I will just skip into chemo with my new trainers!!

Our last call and first call of the New Year is the temple. There is no-where else I wanted to be but emotions were running high all day.

To all my friends who have sent messages for New Year, I apologise that I failed to respond. There is nothing happy going on here right now on this day. 1st Jan marks 6 months since I lost my funny dad and a new year was just all too much. I struggled to find the words and you know that’s not me. Getting cancer again was just too mild for me, too low key. Had to have crap thrown at me from all directions.

The temple was beautiful inside and out. The last hour, as we sat praying for peace for 2019, tears fell but I had my sister beside me and her tears fell too. We were together and mighty strong so just get up and get on.


I’m still in a lot of pain, chest tight. I need to somehow sit in a plane for 9hrs. Hopefully sleep through most of it. Saying goodbye is never easy but I have a mighty week coming up. I have appointments on 2nd as soon as I land, 3rd and 4th. Very much doubt chemo will go ahead on the 3rd, the state I’m in. Got some results coming back that I abandoned before I left and have some decisions to make regarding current treatment!

Hey ho, I could have said that last paragraph having not been on hols and not having a blast over the last 12 days so there I say it again…..

8 thoughts on “Part 2 – Going Viral in San Jose

  1. Hope the flight home was ok in the end. Good luck with your appointments this week, and love and best wishes for 2019 xx


  2. Good luck for your appointments this week! Glad you made it to the beach. Nothing beats catching up with a sister though!
    Best wishes for the new year.


  3. Good luck with your appointments! Already missing you and the family, it’s so empty in the house with you all.


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