7 days done …

I’d sum up and say I’ve had a pretty rough 7 days. I’ve struggled a lot this week. I can cope with most things. If I have pain, I can take tabs and deal with it but a few weird things are going on now that are difficult to deal with.

Sunday morning… 5am!! Woke up with a weird and chronic pain in my back. I could not sit or lay down and ended up standing and walking around for 2 hours. Who wants to try that next Sunday morning?! Didn’t feel like a muscle pain but then lasted most of that day and the next. Left me even more exhausted than I already was. Went to my chiropracter and had a bit of accupuncture which eased it a bit.

I managed my yoga class on monday but was about 30% of myself. The pain or pressure as I can only describe it has moved to my chest. It feels like everything is going to come out of my neck if I lean any angle forward at all. Downward facing dog and even child’s pose were just not happening at all! Spent a lot of time just making up the moves or just laying on my mat trying to breathe. I couldn’t do much at all and I am quite bendy and love my yoga…so quite frustrating really.

Port Grimsby got annoyed in the process and got all bruised which scared the hell out of me as we were supposed to use it on Tuesday. What will happen next time! Good job, I don’t have any big xmas do’s on this year!!

Still struggling with tea and water…. more frustrating. You know how you just cosy up in the winter on the sofa with a blanket and a cuppa. Well, I dont!! I’ve become a kid and only drink squash.

So now I am quite concerned about this chemo regime! I don’t seem to be taking it too well. What would happen if I had gone ahead with chemo this week? I’d actually be completely wrecked.

Right, so thats my moan!! Seven days done. Time to turn things around, few days left until my holibobs! Not even packed a pair of knickers but whatever, I will do it the day before when I have a bit of head space!!!

Today, I nipped into the hospital to see my team. I thought they had probably been missing me since I skipped chemo yesterday so took a few festive treats in and thought I’d spread some of my non existent cheer!!

I explained what had been happening all week and it was agreed that we do need to assess the situation and may need a dose reduction to start with. I don’t think I can carry on at this level and my team agreed the same.

Guess what I did next….

I thought a little HBOT was needed so off I toddled into big London again where I found a more reasonable place for treatment! Going again on Friday if anyone wants to accompany me…. no probably not, everyone too busy having a life!!!!

That pretty much sums up my week…. well you know me … not entirely! Since it was MY week, in between the dramas, I had my nails done!! For the first time ever, went and had my hair done!! Im not a salon kinda girl so was all new for me so thought I’d start with something small …. like red highlights!!!! Yep… thats what I did!!

Managed a nice dinner out with friends at the weekend and a girly dinner with my sisters yesterday!!

So whilst everyone is busy listening to annoying Christmas songs, I am busy trying not develop tourettes every time I hear one!!

On another note, I’ve not taken any sleeping tabs this week and I’ve not ripped all the doors on my advent calendar yet!! How amazing am I? My big achievement for the week !!

7 thoughts on “7 days done …

  1. Hi Sal
    Hope the HBOT is helping, you are clever finding this therapy.

    Great idea having a manicure and new hair style. I agree with you concerning the repetitive Christmas tunes.
    Not long now to your holibobs
    Lots of love
    Jacqui xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well deserved pampering! Have a great holiday… and by this time next year all chemo will have finished πŸ™


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