Never a Dull Moment !!!

I was going to give everyone a rest from my rambles but with me…. there is never a dull moment!!!

Wednesday evening I hopped into bed at 9pm. As soon as I lay down, my heart started to pound through my chest. Quite erratic and this lasted about an hour to start with. I was monitoring it on my fitbit. 59……75……. 60……99…..117. Should I be worried? I was a bit scared to just go to sleep. So my first reaction was to text my neighbours to see if anyone had a heart monitor…. you know just lying around as you do!!! Weirdly, noone had one quite so my next thing was to call the hospital.

I’m not a stressy person. What will be will be…. so nothing in particular could have brought this on apart from the numerous steroids and antisickness I have been taking all day.

Anyway, doc said unless I have any symptoms like shortness of breath, jaw, arm or chest pain, I am ok and it is nothing to worry about. We will re-evaluate in the morning. Once I have spoken to the doc, if they are not worried, then neither am I. After all they are the experts and that is their job and that is how I see all my health issues. You have to trust your team.

Gurveer decided to narrate my erratic heart beat out loud for a while and then decided to follow it on my phone app!!! He couldn’t get a proper pulse as it was totally doing it’s own thing and was causing the poor guy some stress. Since he had me covered…. I relaxed a little and fell asleep!

So the pounding heart lasted 12 hours !! Barely slept and felt quite exhausted in the morning but other than that I am all good!! Decided to have a good rest all day.

On another note, Gurveer bought me this yummy scrummy Decleor advent calendar that I just have to share!! My skin has become quite dry like a desert so these treats are helping, but any day now, I am just going to rip open all the doors because I just want to see whats in the rest and getting a little impatient now!!

Oh I digress!!

Today, I am in a fair bit of pain around my neck and back. This happened with my last chemo regime in 2013 and I’ve not really heard anyone else say it but my skin hurts to touch. It will pass in a day or so but until then…. no-one is allowed to hug me!!! I need to research this one out, I think it is a side effect that noone thinks is worthy of mentioning…. well I do!!

So anyway, my team came up with a lovely option for me on Tuesday after hearing about my big chemo crash last week and now in light of my erratic heart beating episode! It was suggested that I take a break from chemo no 4, so I could recover well and after the year we have had, the Cheemas could go on a little break over Christmas !! I have been given the all clear to jump on a plane by my oncologist and we are all doing a little jig over here!! Woo hoo!!!

A much needed break here for all of us so we can end this year on a better note than we started it!

So thats me, I am ready for my long chemo break and ready to fly to sunnier skies! For every hospital stay I had this year, I insisted that we booked a break away. There were 5 in total!!! 2 had to be cancelled during the year and we missed out ! Fingers crossed for this one x

2 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment !!!

  1. If anyone deserves a trip to sunnier climate its you. As you bring a ray of sunshine to all around you, and you are not getting much sun on you here in Hillingdon….its time to have a break. Enjoy

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