Chemo 3 OR…….

Well, cancer can just do one. It’s been a really long day! I’m full of bags and bags and bags of fluids, drugs, antisickness, nutrients and kidney protection….. I’m up to my neck sloshing around but I’m just sayin, this is no pity party……..

So today started at 9am. Gurveer had the audacity to go to his Christmas Party in Birmingham!!!!!!! So my sis Anita, rolled up at 8am to save the day! The sun is out for a start and coffee has arrived.

Assessment went well yesterday! I’ve actually surprisingly lost a kilo with my squidgy self. Even Gurveer was shocked!!! The veins in my arm wouldn’t play ball so bloods were taken using Port Grimsby. Bloods are good enough to go so chemo can go ahead. Looking like the port was the best idea after all! Good call Andy!!!

Its a really busy day on the ward today. My team Eileen, Priya and Lesley seem to be sprinting around from room to room but still full of smiles, making sure I am comfortable and fed and watered all day. At one point, I wanted to put my fitbit on Eileen, would have clocked a few miles for sure but I couldn’t disturb the busy schedule. They truly are the best!

Today we went straight into Grimsby!! It is actually ok, just hurts for a second whilst it is pierced… but other than that its not too painful. Away we go……

Away we go…….to a beautiful beach far away, where the sun beams all day on the dry, golden sand. I lay back soaking up the sun collecting my vitamin D and my happy rays!! Oh how I love basking in the sun. Feeling that heat on my skin. I could sit in it all day and we did and in the afternoon it must have reached about 35 degrees in the room and we got a bit uncomfortable, both started getting a bit flushed but didnt close the blind. We are having ALL this sun today. Finally when it got too much, we had to open the window and we laughed!! Everyone that came in was like ooohhhhh, nice and warm in here !!!!

The beach was peaceful. We spent hours….yabbering and yabbering, barely stopped for a break. Well I did stop for a wee wee break about 25 times, when we would finish sentences through the door and we laughed some more! I can really chat and put two of us together ! I just lay on my lounger for hours, relaxed and in my happy place. Beautiful, soft prayer on repeat in the backround mixing with the sounds of the gentle waves and rustling of the tall palms over head.

At lunch we took a dip in the pool, there was a swim up bar so we ordered lunch there. The food was amazing!

Feeling quite full after my 3 course lunch, we decided to take our socks off and feel the warm sand in our toes. Took a long walk by the water but didn’t go in due to risk of infection. The island was called Necker or something, I don’t remember now but it will come to me!!

It was a lovely day, we had spent so long putting the world to rights and catching up on each others lives and sharing kid stories. Don’t know where the time went at all and it was starting to get dark and the moon just appeared like magic in the grey sky. We thought we should really leave now!

No day is complete without entertainment. We heard there was a lovely Christmas Concert in town mixed with some acapella.

So chemo 3 or SURAJ’S Christmas Concert !!! BECAUSE I AM NOT A QUITTER !! My singy songy boy had been practicing for weeks so I was not prepared to sit in my room and miss it all, regretting that I didn’t go. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas but I just love love love a choir and some carols!

Ok, that’s all folks! Catch you in a few days, this chick needs to rest. Please feel free to share this blog post with friends, especially if they live abroad in Mongolia for example as I am working on my map right now x

8 thoughts on “Chemo 3 OR…….

  1. So beautifully written. Was lovely to see you yesterday… next time Iโ€™ll need your autograph before you get too famous. Get well soon x

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  2. Hi Sal

    I truly admire you. You are sending really strong positive feelings through your body writing and thinking like this.

    I think you are so inspiring. Donโ€™t forget to apply the sun cream.

    Lots of ๐Ÿ’•

    Jacqui xxx

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  3. So touching Sal, always admire your strong spirit my friend, may God bless you always, love you to bits Salxx


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