Cycle 1 Done ….Keepin it Real

So my week off and chemo side effects!!

Sleep is not really happening, I am taking tabs every night but my eyes are a bit pickled now. Mostly wake around 5am everyday but that is a good time for prayer and being grateful for everything I have in life. Sets me on the right course for the day. I pretty much hop into bed by 9pm or earlier like a big granny but its winter and so cosy and warm!!

Appetite has increased A LOT this week, what I said about not being a bison well, I think I’m about to get a bit spherical! I have lost a fair bit of muscle quite quickly from lying around all week, mainly in my legs so my body feels quite soft and squidgy which the kids are finding quite amusing. I did manage a long walk on Thursday so quite chuffed with my efforts!! Like really chuffed…. go me!!

My boots though!!!

My eyes are significantly weaker this week. Although this chemo affects your hearing not your eyes but I will mention it to my team. If it does affect hearing, we just reduce the chemo dose or stop until it resolves. Its not permanent…. I won’t go deaf or anything…… sorry what did you say?

Slight burning in my throat and tingling in my feet but this is all part and parcel of the treatment. This is all manageable.

All in all, I’ve had a good week off. Well at the start Amar asked me if I will finish treatment by the summer so we can do stuff because last summer we could’t do anything because you were in hospital. So after picking myself up off the floor from his comment, we just allowed all homework and went out for a lovely meal! Spent all Friday laying my little larger ass around in the spa, cinema on Saturday and a family trip to the theatre in big London on sunday. WINNING….. however bank account losing!!

I picked up quite well exactly 7 days after the 2nd infusion. I know exactly where I went wrong before I crashed but 7 days is just too many days to lose.

Last week, very quickly after chemo, my tastebuds went. Food was just ok but I couldn’t taste water and by Wednesday evening, I realised, I’d barely drank a glass of water all day. With not drinking and the cumulative effect of the drugs affecting my brain, fatigue had set in big time and I slept for most of the day and night and didn’t eat a great deal either and after 3 days of that, even having a shower zapped up any energy I had left and that was that!

I know this now….. I absolutely NEED to have full control. I cannot hit that wall again. There is a big treat coming after cycle 2 so I need to stay on top of it this time around.

So bloods on Monday to check if I am ok for chemo on Tuesday. Oh, also booked in a sneaky lunch with friends on Monday….. because I deserve it and because I’m mighty hungry!!

I’m not sure I am ready for cycle 2 knowing what is to come but let’s go. Not like there is room for discussion really!!! The quicker I do this, the quicker I get another break!

So you know how last week, Gurveer didn’t get his lie in, well poor chap didn’t get it this morning either!! After being awake for some time already, at exactly 7.05am, I don’t know where my brain was but I suddenly thought it was Monday so ran to kid’s room, put all lights on, woke them, woke Gurveer, shouting like some crazy fool…. WAKE UP WE ARE ALL LATE FOR SCHOOL!! Kids were like…. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER……. Gurveer was like SAL ITS SUNDAY…. ITS SUNDAY!

“Oops, sorry you can all go back to sleep, it’s Sunday…… sorry sorry”, I called out as I crawled back and hid under my duvet!!! These drugs man!! Next weekend I might just go Grimsby and let everyone get some rest, I’m sure I’ve got some friends there by now !!

2 thoughts on “Cycle 1 Done ….Keepin it Real

  1. Morning Sal
    Good to hear your appetite has improved as this gives you strength.
    Good luck with tomorrow’s chemo and will be there in spirit.
    Lots of love 💕


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