Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I’ve been in science and research for over 20 years…. I know…… I know, I just don’t look old enough!!

Anyway, I do a ton of research mainly at night when I just cannot switch my brain off and sleep but you know what…. thats when USA are right there awake, wired and ready for me!!

I’m not one of those people that read a pop up on facebook or insta and just randomly share it. If it is a topic of interest, I will find the source and if there are some, the medical references or research papers that lead to the shocker headline going viral on the net!! Not easy to do but so many headlines are pretty much just that…. headlines often with not a lot of substance behind them.

So, leads me onto my research about good old Oxygen….. Hyperbaric Oxygen in fact or HBOT as it is widely known! Well it seems narrowly….. not widely known at all, not by me anyway and I think I’m a fair candidate that should be on the, I know that list !

HBOT is therapy used in healing. Using just one very appropriate example where it can be used is for healing is during chemotherapy and radiotherapy and has been used for some time for some cancers and more in some countries than others.

No two cancers are ever the same and there is just not enough research done for HBOT to become more widely used at the moment. I can just inform of my experiences so that if anyone is faced with any chronic illness, they are armed with the ideas, informed enough to go to their team and ask the questions. To know what is available out there. May you benefit from it? Could it speed up your healing?

So in the big stink of July this year when literally everything in life was weighing me down, life was proper throwing bricks at my head from all directions and with a family berievement, I felt myself starting to crumble ….. I just could’t breathe. I literally felt like I couldn’t catch a full breath and it went on for about 2 months at least. Be it anxiety, stress depression….. I felt like I was suffocating and I needed oxygen.

Meditation didn’t seem to work, yoga didn’t allow me to get a full breath in. I just needed to breathe, so what do you do? I went out to get me some oxygen!!! Yes as mad as that sounds….. and I did a hell of a lot of research to find this out!! Was like a mad woman on live chats with docs in the USA till all hours of the night and then more locally in Harley Street!!! Eventually at over £200 quid for an hour session, I got me some oxygen !!!

If you want something……anything, as bizarre as it may be, someone, somewhere in this precious world has thought of it and it will be there…..you just have to find it!!!!

The majority of you are probably wondering if I actually visited the space centre or a science museum….. well no, just popped along to a clinic in London, just off Bond Street! I got all excited for a second and nearly got side tracked with the delights of the high street shops as I stepped out of the station. Forgot for a second that I came for oxygen…… not a new jumper !!!

Looks quite futuristic and I felt pretty cool that day especially telling my boys all about what I had done that day !! When my kids burst through the door after school these days, its never,”Mum, whats for dinner” or Mum, “I’ve got so much homework”!

It is usually….”Mum, What did you do today?”, “How are you feeling?”, Did you rest today?”and “Is your bruise better?” This is our normality now !!

Anyway, these oxygen tanks have been around for many many years!! Mainly used for deep sea divers who suffer from decompression sickness also head injuries, as a therapy for a multitude of ailments but how many of us know about it. You can be in a private tank or a room with others if you are a bit claustrophobic!! Oxygen improves your overall well being, increases the ability of the body to heal itself and combats fatigue.

I can only describe it as being in a comfy bed, wifi on my phone so I could meditate and take selfies for you !!! Feels like you take off in a plane and after an hour, you land back again and your ears may pop a bit!!! It is a therapy used in healing the body and I felt pretty damn refreshed after my hour of being in the tank!!

You breathe in 100% oxygen while under increased pressure chamber and it was actually quite relaxing. I can’t tell you how I skipped back from London that day and felt like I could breathe again. The effects of it I’d say lasted a couple of weeks and just helped me get some clarity in my head to kick start my own healing again and get back in control.

Due to my rigorous chemo schedule, the actual drugs I am taking and the small amount of change required, I’ve not managed to go back yet but I did feel the effects of the treatment in my healing. This at somepoint in my life will become one of my to do things….. do the shopping, put a wash on, sit in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber!!! It was like 10 yoga classes all at once!!!!

So there it is, some hospitals provide it, some don’t. Some doctors know about it, others don’t Some oncologists recommend it and some say there is not enough evidence.

You do your own research:



(Includes published medical paper references)

Our sports personalities have them in their homes!

Steve Weatherford explains why NFL players often sleep in hyperbaric chambers

……..now everyone take a big deep breath !!

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