Port Grimsby…….

Today, an earlier blog…… as my day started hours ago!!!

We’ve chosen a name!! At 6.30am on 4th December…. it came to me. Let me introduce Port Grimsby!!

Quite apt really, me being a northern lass and this going to be a really busy port, people fishing all over it on a weekly basis !!!!

By yesterday, I was still annnoyed and decided my port didn’t deserve a name and would just remain nameless, port thing or my little friend. It is still a little bruised and sore.

Last night, me and Amar were coming up with names, mainly punjabi names, kept giggling but nothing stuck with us.

Took my plaster off yesterday, a day early, much to Gurveer’s bemusement, as I am a bit of a rebel! Well not a rebel, it was annoying me, plaster itching my skin, sticky bits all over….. one thing I have to deal with this thing sticking out of my body and another with nonsence plasters all over the place. Its a little bruised but all sealed now.

Looks hideous but I can still cover it up! I’m sure it will settle somewhere into the bones around my shoulder area somewhere and by next week, once it is fully healed, I’ve been told that I probably won’t even notice it….. I WILL NEVER NOT NOTICE THIS !! Noone will ever not notice this unless they have their eyes closed and are standing in a different room….. maybe in Grimsby!!!

The kids screw faces, when I showed them and let them touch it were quite a picture…… “Thats just weird mum!”

I had a proper discussion with my lovely port surgeon, Andy, before hand about all the options. There were a few choices for me to make. As this thing is going to be hanging around for a while. We even discussed, that with time and as my body grows all around it, what a pain it is to get it back out….. not the usual, “What’s in your sandwich today?” type discussion!!!

So the first question, a picc line, which is a tube hanging out or a port? I preferred the idea of the picc line as it is less invasive I guess, but Andy thought it better for me to have the port so we went with that.

Second question, did I want it placed in the arm or the chest. Now since, I had breast cancer 5 yrs ago, we’ve already used a fair bit of the chest for drawing scars so I thought, I’d prefer it in the arm as it is less noticable and more fleshy, can be covered with sleeves …….but anyway, Andy thought it would be best in the chest so we went with that.

Final decision was of course, well you mayaswell hear Andy’s opinion first since I’m not really getting anywhere on this one!! Andy said best place for the port is the right side due to the location of the heart, was quite matter of fact on this part.

Oh but, I had breast cancer on the right side, I think maybe we need to rethink the right side, so Andy, I think I won the last round!!!! Port Grimsby went in on the left !!!!!!

Thats pretty much all for now……. obviously I am back to feeling a lot more like myself and I hope I have amused a few of you on your morning commute or that first coffee !! I do try to bounce back quite quickly and today feeling rather pleased!

My research is now your research so here is some interesting stuff about Grimsby!!!

Pleeeaaasssse click on the link ….. some random Grimbarians are all going to be scratching their heads wondering why on earth they have loads of hits on their website today!!!


Hope everyone has a lovely day today……I will too x

3 thoughts on “Port Grimsby…….

  1. A very fitting name for your port and thanks for sharing. Also a very interesting article on Grimsby. Thank you for educating me. I would have chosen the chest and the right hand side – good choice. Lots of πŸ’• Jacqui xx

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