Winning it Wednesday….

Today, I was contemplating my post. A bit of a nothing day!!

The days following chemo, you fall into a slump. Its tiredness on another level. The morning after a big night out, doesn’t really come close. Its partly in the mind too with all the steroids and anti-sickness meds needed morning, noon and night but I’ve been here! I know this, my mind is stronger and I am in control. I have to repeat my sentences because even my voice can’t be bothered to reach a decent enough volume to be heard.

It was looming and then about 2pm it hit and pretty much this was me for the rest of the day!!

Felt quite gloomy all day as I know I have about 4-5 days of this. Trying to make plans for the weekend as there needs to be a point to my week. I WILL make it out by the weekend. Once I have something in my mind, I go get it but sensibly, totally aware that I can easily ruin my weekend too if I over do anything.

I’ve been touched by people reading my blog, it seems to be reaching people across the globe already…. Hello India, Mauritus, Canada and Bahamas…. you lifted me today !!! I’ve had a personal chat with two new friends today who are also struggling with life’s challenges and it’s so heart warming to know I could reach out and help others. Even when totally run down, confined to a heap in your bed, I know you can make a difference to someone, somewhere else in the world…… and thats a mighty uplifting fact on its own !!

Channelling my struggles and turning each negative into a positive is what this is all about. I can make a difference and this was the start of my winning it Wednesday !!

I needed a point to my day so I did some work for my charity, Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice. Set some wheels in motion, had a small meeting with an organisation that are hoping to run some events with me over the coming months. Such a beautiful charity building a sanctuary for children with life limiting illnesses.

You can see a pic of my two charity ambassadors half way through the build on the link below.

I tunnelled my tiredness, my strains of the day and managed to just turn it all around!! Today I guess I ACHIEVED !!

People have commented on my humour and how this comes out in my blog. Under all the chaos, I’m still me. I’m still funny Sal. I almost couldn’t think of anything funny for today but my 10 year old had to wear his uniform today instead of PE kit. They missed PE as they had their Relationship and Sex education lesson!! When I asked him about it…. he just hid under a pillow, after doing my sensible mummy bit, I quietly chuckled to myself !!! It was pretty funny !!!!!

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