Sleep…. so overrated!!

So I guess I’m done with sleeping. I had high hopes of getting some good zzzzzz’s in!! Planned my blog time and sleeping tablet accordingly. Even the tab wasn’t good enough today. My brain is a bit stronger than that….. see HardKaur !!

I got rid of all my worries. I’m not really in pain……. bit uncomfortable and lack of sleep causing back issues but yeah THERE IS SOMETHING IN MY BODY !!!

It’s chemo day again which is fine, I can deal with that BUT will they use the port or will be spend time digging around playing hide and seek the vein again. This is my chemo site one week on!!

Like which is worse? Its barely been 12 hours, obviously its bruised and not yet healed. Its not even had time to dry!! Which is the least evil way of doing this!!! Who knows!! That has been my question rattling around in my head for the last 3 hours !!!???

Good Morning folks……. LETS DO THIS !

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