Chemo 1 done….. but My Blog Though !!!

Chemo…. I’m on a 3 week cycle. Week 1 chemo, week 2 chemo then a week off. To start, 4 cycles have been planned but probably 8 and then we scan to look inside my amazing body !!! Before each chemo is bloods and after week 1, an immune boost injection in my belly at home administered by hubby!

Today, we used the port!!!! It was quite painful for the first hour but painkillers sorted that out. It felt like a hole punch to access it… I think it was sore as we didnt have much time to heal really. Chemo today was from 9am to 4am…. a really long day but again, I was comfortable, had a lovely lunch and a long afternoon nap. I just lie in a bed all day with a tube hanging from my new little friend and bags and bags of fluids drain in !!! I’ve made it sound easy haven’t I !!!

All still very weird and still not happy with things hanging off me, in me but its done and the highlight, I have a break now untill 11th Dec! I need this !!!! Woooooo hoooooooooooooo!!!!!

So today is not chemo day or end of cycle 1….. up yours cancer … today is the day My Blog was Born !!!

I’ve been writing HardKaur quotes for a few months now, some of which you have seen. Its the way I see things. As most of you know, I’ve had the most ghastly year ever…. and crying and falling apart or crumbling into a heap are just not options for me.

About a month ago, I started writing, just for me…. an outlet, my release. Some of my days were really crazy, like I’m on some alien planet doing random things in order just to stay alive! Cos if that wasn’t the case, I’d probably not be doing them right !!

Yesterday, after port day, I just thought, this is so crazy, I’d like to share this with my friends. People keep asking how I am and I reply with… yeah I’m ok…. not amazing but ok!! How can I fit all of this into a text and reach my closest…and there is a fair few of you!!

So here it is, this is my story. A story of strength, courage and positivity. I am strong!!! I’m not really brave, I didn’t choose this…. I’m just dealing with it in the best way possible.

Everyone has a story, everyone facing their own challenges. The aim of my blog is to share my strength, inspire others, spread pure love and support. It is what will carry us through. A spiritual journey of healing. If, with this blog, I reach just one person then I’ve achieved but I hope to reach a whole lot more.

So now the exciting part !!!! I started to share my blog just last night. Through my bags and bags of infusions today, I had messages and views across the globe which was just incredible!!!!

I’ve had views as far as New Zealand and Spain….. thing is, I dont know anyone in Spain!! I’m not a technical person but I am a bit of a go getter so this is where you all come in.

If you know anyone who is struggling or could benefit from reading my journey, feel free to share. Send me you comments, it’s forcing me to stay positive. There will be bad days, there will be dark days but when I am good, we celebrate life!

I’ve had so many of you subscribe to my blog just in a day. I’m humbled. I’ve had so many positive messages, wishes snd prayers. Its beautiful and has lifted me from a very arduous day. My blog will not be a daily account of my life, I may disappear for a few days each week after chemo… be part of the cool gang and sign up via email for my alerts.

Share with your friends abroad, I need followers across the globe because one day I will be rich and famous and Richard Brandson is going to invite me to Necker Island for 5 days on a business class flight and he may ask me to bring some friends along….don’t say I never told you!!!

Now see below, get your colour pencils out and help me colour in my map…… any Russians out there ???!!!

Cool right !!!

27th November 2018

12 thoughts on “Chemo 1 done….. but My Blog Though !!!

  1. Вы такая умничка! Держитесь! Сил Вам, позитива, поменьше боли, и я Вам желаю победить Вашу болезнь. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, STRONG AND POSITIVE GIRL!!! I wish you DEFEAT THE DESEASE!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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