My life is not a cancer story..

So my week has been a little glum. Side effects hit me like a crane to my head. Lots of time in bed with chronic fatigue which pretty much hit me the morning after my big infusion. Barely left the house all week but I did manage to shower every morning!!! Awake all night with chronic night sweats! Im basically so freakin tired to move that I just lie in a damp spot the entire night. Can’t get out of the covers, as its cold!! Can’t get up and change, too tired! Stay in bed just drifting in and out of sleep to finally ‘get up’ totally exhausted in the morning!

My appetite is good!! I’m eating well!! I love my food and am conscious that I need those calories. I’m not one to look all weak and tired….. I need to fatten myself up a bit incase I do get sick and shed a few lbs! I am confident that I am getting all the nutrients I need through my vegan diet….. go me!!

So my uneventful week included an online shop, a few treats for myself!! Not that I am going anywhere right now but still….. I deserve a little black friday shopping!!! Oh and by Friday, I managed the strength for a detox bath….. another little highlight to get rid of all those toxins!! Cos this week, I didn’t have the energy to do even the little things….

Saturday…..sometimes you have things you want to do but just dont get around to it… well this is one of those things but now, I make things happen. I just about know how I have coped with my health challenges, mentally and physically. How my family have managed around me to get through that day….. that week…. that procedure…. that cycle.

How does a child manage this? How does a parent watch their child go through such a physical challenge? Spending more time in hospital than playing and being a child? I can’t bear to think of the pain that a parent would go through dealing with this. But when faced with a challenge, you plod on, you do what you need to do…. there is no choice. You just get on with it…….

Leads me to Saturday. I’ve always wanted to support a children’s charity. So no more putting it off. As a family, we visited the building of Noah’s Ark Childrens Hospice in Barnet. We spent nearly 2 hours going through the plans, the building, what it would bring to families and children suffering life limiting illnesses. We talked about the gardens, the rooms, the facilities and the berievement suite. My children, present for all of it. Valuable lessons learnt today. Such a beautiful place and I know from this week alone how much it means to have that extra care, that extra comfort, a haven where life is made a tiny bit easier. Such a worthwhile and fulfilling morning for me and my family. I am again so proud of my beautiful boys.

For me, a new project, a focus, tunnelling my strength and energy to make a difference in my world.

My week…… the week we started our long term support with Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice.

8 thoughts on “My life is not a cancer story..

  1. You are doing so well. Stay strong and yes I can so relate to you.
    I was diagnosed in Jan 2000 at the age of 40, diagnosis was not good but after gruelling surgeries, treatments, medications over a 10 year period I am actually doing well in 2018 and am cancer free.
    You are amazing, inspirational and so good for sharing your story.

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