Scan Day or Yoga day….

Well here it is……. scan day! In a nutshell, hubby and I make our way across London. I actually love travelling the tube and wandering around London. Discovering unfamiliar sights, old buildings, new buildings, crazy architecture and weird art !! The fashion, the tourists, I could sit for hours and just watch everyone go by and make up their life story in my head!! An abundance of restaurants and cafes that you will never get around to in all of your lifetimes!! So much to see and do and so little time to explore. In my head, we’ve gone out for a day out, holding hands, just walking and talking, amusing ourselves, stopping for a coffee to warm up and then for lunch before wandering again!!

I digress, we are here for scan day, rushing to make that appointment. I’ve been fasting for 6 hours so add that to my stressed out state. Not stopping to take anything in, trying not to smell the coffee, bakery or thai restaurant as we pass !!! No time for experiencing anything today and the reality and stress that goes along with it has taken over.

Clothes off, gown on…. blah blah ! Another needle in my arm, tap tap, cant find your veins, too small, yes heard it a dozen times, got those bruises.

Today a radioactive tracer will fill my veins. “Just lie in this room, by yourself, no phones and no reading, we will come back for you in an hour”.

Right sure! Given a blanket and a bed, no clock. I closed my eyes and prayed and fell asleep!! In and out, didn’t seem too long, before the nurse comes back for me. I have really mastered the art of power napping!! Something I am very proud of. I can sleep almost anywhere to recharge my poor batteries. “I just need you to go to the bathroom”, says the nurse! Yes sure, I’m 41 and being told to go for a wee!! Right lets do that then !!

On we go, another scanner! Its tight so as soon as I’m laid down, I close my eyes tight like a child and dare not even peek. I know I will struggle, get scared, need to get out. I know I can’t move my arms which are currently over my head, so I keep my eyes tight shut and take myself off in prayer. Please God, melt away those nasty cells, I don’t need them. Please let this scan be as normal and insignificant as it can…. and with that my 20 minutes passed and I was free to go.

So with just 3 minutes to spare, I made it home, hugged my beautiful boys, dashed up the stairs got changed and ran out to my yoga class and I made it!!

Proud of myself, as today was yoga day and remained as yoga day!!!

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